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Posted on August 15, 2016 at 2:45 PM

Well it's been a while since I officially said anyting (442 days since the last blog post) and even longer since I made an update to the game (643 days). If you have been reading what I said in the forum you'll know why there been such a long time but for those that doesn't know here's a recap:

I've released a video a long time ago announcing the new collider I was working on to improve the physics of the game. Early signs looked promising with no real problems but after a while I started getting issues with the sled spinning out of controll at higher speeds. I thought that that was an simple issue and tried to fix it for a long time and apperently it wasn't that simple and by the time I've realised that, I've already wasted to much time. When that happend I've already updated the game engine to newest version of unity  and I didn't realise that that version of the game engine changed the wheel collider, well not really changed more like broke it and yes, SledSimulator uses wheelcolliders even though a snowmobile doesn't have wheels. By that time I've had put a large amount of work into the game with that engine and if I rolled back to the previous version all of that work would be for nothing so I didn't want to rollback and frankly the new engine was so much better in most aspects so I wouldn't enjoy the previous version as much. When neither the new or the old collider worked i've started looking for third party developed assets that would fit my needs but that was nowhere to be found that brings us all the way to current day.

A few weeks ago I found a collider that seemed to have most of what I wanted and needed so I went ahead and purchased it. And good news! Early testing on the new collider seems promesing the issues I had with my custom collider is nowhere to be found but instead it has some of its own issues like when the vehicle is stopped and at an angle it will slide slowly. This isn't that big of a problem that needs to be fixed right now it's mostly just annoying. The other issue it has that has to be fixed before implemeting it is that when changing the center of mass the vehicle will randomly flip. This seems like it's possible to fix somehow but I've just started to test it so it's still a far way from accually implementing it into the game (I've only been testing it on cars so far) but the early signs are possitive.

I decided to post this to give all of you an update on whats going on even though I've just started to test it. So do not take this as a promise that it will work and an update is comming soon because game breaking bugs can still be found and even if everything is fine theres still a bunch of work that needs to be done to the rest of the game. I hope that I can fix the issues and no new ones are found so the game can progress!

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Reply Slednecks1614
6:27 PM on August 15, 2016 
What's the deal with the water skipping?
Reply 3r5k3n
12:24 AM on August 16, 2016 
Slednecks1614 says...
What's the deal with the water skipping?

You mean what happened with it? It was pushed aside when other things needed work and now it's outdated
Reply maxredf00
5:58 PM on August 18, 2016 
Is Nice to gets some news. And thats give hope to everybody i think. I would really like to see this game in some years on the steam workshop and i know is possible. Dont stop your hardwork and I hope this will give u money, glory and more then everything FUN.

Ps: sorry for the wrinting #God Damn Quebec Canada
Pps: Bonne chance et que sledsimulator devienne une référence.
Reply Raxtz
5:37 PM on October 6, 2016 
Phew i almost thought this game was dead

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