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0.2.0 is out

Posted on September 29, 2014 at 12:20 PM


0.2.0 is finnaly out after a delay that shouldn't have happend but I just want to make it perfectly clear that this version will have alot of issues and I'am aware of it.


Delete/backup the old version because the old version won't be compitable with the new one.


The reason the delay happend is because the game got completly rewritten from scratch in another scripting language and that could have been prevented if I just rewrote smaller parts of the game overtime but I didn't realize that the game would be delayed so much. I didn't just rewrite it I removed quickfixes, some placeholders and did try to omptimize it as much as possible.

And the reason why the game is rewritten is because I wanted to futureproof it sooner rather than later. If I waited any longer then rewriting would have taken way more time


Another reason it have been delayed is that everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. Through out the entire update I have had issues that have been realy hard to find sollution to and some of the issues isn't fixed yet, that is why I said that 0.2.0 will have issues a buch of times.


I've also wanted to try some ideas that I hoped would improve the game but most if it didn't work so there was alot scrapping hours of work. There was atleast some progress with aerodynamic drag for example.


And then there was the horrible winter we had where I live. I didn't have alot of motivation to work on the game when you can't ride because it's above zero degree celcius and raining. Without motivation and not alot of freetime progress wont be made.


Delays will happen, without a doubt, in the future but I will try to prevent them with smaller and more regular updates and I shouldn't have to do any more massive overhauls.



So whats new in 0.2.0


Multiplayer – Right now there is a 5 player limit and no serverbrowser. Kicking players will cause the playerlist to brake and there isn't any proper security yet so I would suggest to just over lan or play with people you can trust over a vpn software (hamachi will work and you can find tutorials everywhere on the internet) USE MULTIPLAYER AT YOUR OWN RISK


Day/Night cycle – This was just implemented so it might have flaws but it is bought asset so it should work. A full cycle is 48minutes and it have support for wheater but that is disabled for now.

This will show its full power once more maps and a map editor is in the game.


User interface – I needed to change this because it was so difficult to change anything or add anything so I needed to rework the UI system so it won't be holding back any progress. Some people may not like the look of it will probably change in the future.


Aerodynamic drag – Now the game has drag so jumping will be more realistic, not perfect but as with all other parts of the game it will be fixed later.


There is alot more but these are probably the major things will impact gameplay

I've changed the download so it is now a .zip file since people seemed to be having problems with the .rar files and there is no more ads either.







* Updated game engine to Unity 4.5.3f3

* All scripts have been changed from Javascript to C#.

* New shaders for main gameobject.

* New save/load system.

* New intro scene.

* New menu scene.

* New menu UI.

* Added Multiplayer.

* Added chat.

* Updated Orion_2012_elite_Mk800 model.

* Reworked Orion_2012_elite_Mk800 textures.

* New, more dynamic, rider animation.

* New mainmenu rider idle animation.

* Added day/night cycle.

* Added weather system, altough not yet fully implemented.

* Terrain shaders.

* New camera controller.

* New dynamic snowmobile suspension.

* Added "Terrible" quality setting.

* Reworked all quality settings.

* Added Shadows option.

* Added Tree distance option.

* Added fps display.

* Added debug log.

* Changed debug screen.

* Added support for windowed mode.

* Added support for all aspect ratios.

* Added mute button in the top right corner.

* New level selection UI.

* New player list.

* New quick settings in pause menu.

* Added "Exit to desktop" in pause menu.

* New param.cfg file that controlls various settings.

* New UI style.

* New icon

* Configuration screen will always show on start

* New Configuration screen texture

* And more

Known Issues:


* The game may freeze in the main menu.

* Nametags may jump around alot.

* Nametags may be visible when player is offscreen.

* Ingame controlls are not done.

* Kicking someone will cause the playerlist to dissapear.

* long loading times.

* Changing resolution ingame will force the game to fullscreen

* Lens flares may be visible when they are not supposed to

* Treebillboard distance & tree distance are not functioning

* Some aspect ratios may put some objects outside of the screen

* Rider head is not looking the right direction

* Screenshot size may display the wrong values



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Reply Fegelis
4:14 PM on September 29, 2014 
Looking awesome so far, anyone got a server going?
Reply nilsyt
7:19 AM on October 2, 2014 
awsome dude! locking forward to the multiplayer! :D
12:20 AM on October 8, 2014 
when is there going to be new maps and sleds

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