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Beginning of 0.3.0

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 6:00 PM


Work has started on next version wich will be 0.3.0. While I was working on a feature, I'm not going to talk about that just yet, I noticed some glaring issues with the current physics. Obviously there is the wobbliness that was more and more aggravating the more I played but I was already aware of that issue. Then there is the unrealistic behaviour of the sled but that was I also aware of. The issue was that the sled can't go over any bumps at all if they are a decent size.


This has to do with Unity's wheelcollider system that I've used, I know a snowmobile doesn't have wheels but they worked decently if I worked around it's problems but I'm not willing to do that anymore so I've started making my own colliders. I started just a couple of days ago and it's already starting to pay of. Rear suspension act's much more realisticly and I have more controll over it, same with the front suspension.

Everyone have been stuck in a tree or rock or cliff or another player even, atleast once but with the new system as long as the track is touching something it will provide tracktion meaning that getting stuck in trees will not happen as much and it will have a mayor impact on how realistic the game is.

Each green line in this image is a contact point where forces can be applied and these points are not predetermined these are being place in runtime. It might not seem that spectacular but compare it to the old one ,below this image, and you'll see massive diffrence. Keep in mind the old one all the contact points are predetermined.

In this picture all the circle with lines represents a "wheel" but don't let the circle that are supposed to be the shape of the wheel fool you. The wheel is accually just that green line so it cant handle edges at all.

The drawback with the new system is performance. Dealing with complex shapes will always have more of an performance impact than just having a line collide with thing. Although I'm not seeing a fps decrease right now things can change once people have servers with a massive amounts of snowmobiles.

This system is in very early development so there are issues but all these issues can be fixed but the performance can just be fixed to a certain point so let's just hope that it will work :)

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Reply lilltejbz
9:32 AM on November 18, 2014 
looks great:)
Reply 2stroker
2:20 AM on November 19, 2014 
not bad! i know its not even Close to finished yet but please incorporate this as soon as possible into an update along with the "no particle fix" so we can enjoy jumping and not wobble all over^^ thx! :) PS. press [video] to Watch the clip
Reply dixxon
3:44 AM on November 21, 2014 
that looks like a real big improvement watching the video, nice work. also the 0.2.1 update was sweet the control's are perfect for the controller now and it makes it feel a lot better when your riding, not that its very important but are you gonna look into the throttle control with the controller and also the sound going with how much gas you give it? if you haven't already looked at it. and also are you gonna fix the light on the sled so you can have a light when its dark. i know these are miner things jst wondering
Reply lilltejbz
7:56 AM on January 26, 2015 
so hows it going?
Reply Ski-Doo-Sled
4:23 PM on February 6, 2015 
Nice. You should make the rider die when you crash and respawn at the begining.
Reply Apex HD
5:11 PM on March 3, 2015 
Hey umm i was wondering if you guys can add snow animation when your riding later on in the game?
Reply Lancey
12:11 AM on March 4, 2015 
When will we be able to customize our slead and when will we get new maps
Reply 2stroker
11:58 AM on March 18, 2015 
Lancey says...
When will we be able to customize our slead and when will we get new maps

map editor will aparently be in the next update :)
Reply lilltejbz
11:28 AM on March 26, 2015 
seems like it has stopped...
Reply raggemunk123
4:23 PM on March 26, 2015 
can you please do more to ride

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